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Ad Customizer - only standard (non-customized) ad served since December 2016?

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I have an inventory-based ad customizer feed for a local business (my own) that I setup in early 2016.  The ad group includes 2 customized ads and 1 standard/fallback/non-customized ad.  Since December 2016 (six months), only the non-customized ad has been served (and CTR decreased from 5.3% to 1.4%).  


- Any ideas what would cause an abrupt change to only serving the non-customized ad?


- The feed and ads were not changed or updated.

- Each feed item is targeted w/ campaign, ad group, and modified broad match keyword.  The keywords definitely exist in the ad group (although many are disabled b/c of limited volume).

- The Ad Preview Tool confirms that the keywords within the ad group are eligible and active (displaying the non-customized ad)

- The feed includes about 1000 items, with the feed report showing about 200 marked "Approved(limited)" because of trademark.  Is it possible this kills the entire feed?

- The 3 ads are still standard text ad format.  I haven't heard of this, but is it possible they must be upgraded to ETA, because they're "created" on the fly?




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Ad Customizer - only standard (non-customized) ad served since December 2016?

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Hi @matthew p,


Not sure what changed in December but you may want to just start over using ETAs.


While using standard ads is still acceptable, I would strongly urge you to consider setting up ETAs as you can no longer edit existing or create new standard ads.


This may not solve this exact problem but ETAs are inevitable, might as well eliminate that possibility and upgrade at the same time.


Working through how to get standard customized ads working will only bide you some time until ETAs become required.



Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Ad Customizer - only standard (non-customized) ad served since December 2016?

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I'm working w/ ETAs elsewhere, and we'll move these over as well. I just don't want to end up in the same situation, if that's not the cause. Given the lack of responses, I guess it's not an obvious thing though, so we'll go ahead and move forward.