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Ad Customizer Keyword Bids - KW Max CPC?

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Hello all,


We're finally getting into Ad Customizers, and I'm confused about how keywords and bidding work.  


Our data feed includes a keyword column, w/ modified broad match keywords.  I don't see a way to set Max CPC bid amounts for these keywords within the feed.


Do I need to list each of these keywords within the ad group itself, in addition to listing them in the data feed?  If not, how do I set keyword-level bid amounts?



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September 2015

Re: Ad Customizer Keyword Bids - KW Max CPC?

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Hi @cotton9 sorry for the delay in a reply, I'm not sure how we all missed this...


The keyword field in Ad customiser data is merely targeting, it defines a condition under which the other data for the customisers should be applied.  So, for example, if you have a Keyword "red shoes" in one of your Ad Groups, then the keyword "shoes" in your Ad customiser data defines that the other data should be applied when the "red shoes" Keyword is matched to a search query.


In other words, the Ad customiser data doesn't define the Keywords in your Groups, it's merely a set of rules to be compared to the existing Keywords in your Groups.

Does that make sense?  Read more about it here:


(look specifically under the "Targeting options" section near the bottom of the page).


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Re: Ad Customizer Keyword Bids - KW Max CPC?

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Thanks! That's what I was suspecting, but couldn't find it in the documentation. Thanks for the link.