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Ad Countdown creation

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Hi there,


My team is trying to set up countdown ads for a one-day sale. When we try to create an ad with the customizer, we are receiving an error that our character length is over the limit. We are not using scripts or data upload as I was under the assumptions that it wasn't necessary for Countdown ads. The description line we are trying to use is: Hurry - Offer Ends in {=COUNTDOWN("2014/12/01 23:59:59",,0)}


Is this correct or is something wrong with the above? 


Thanks for the help!



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Re: Ad Countdown creation

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Hi Devon,

I'm not finding anything on this countdown syntax. I did find this article which seems to provide all the details you'll need to implement the timer.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Ad Countdown creation

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Hey Devon,
I am not sure about the last bit of your syntax...
{=COUNTDOWN("2014/12/01 23:59:59",,0)}


I think the syntax is:
{=COUNTDOWN("2014/12/01 23:59:59")}



You could refer the last example on this page:

"You want to count down to a one-time event"


Hope this helps!


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Re: Ad Countdown creation

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Hi Devon, just one thing to check, when you get character length errors using custom params I find it's often that the syntax of the param is incorrect so that AdWords reads the line as though it were all "ordinary" text, rather than a custom param.  For example, using Keyword Insertion and leaving off the closing }.


Although the code in your post looks OK (although as Shweta has said, you don't actually need those last params for a simple countdown) it's worth checking that this is what the code looks like in your Ad.



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