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Achieving impression-based goals for remarketing?

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Hello -


We are a  B2B publisher offering audience extension/retargeting to our advertisers, currently facilitating these campaigns via Adwords.


Since we sell these campaigns on an impression basis, over a certain duration (e.g.,  1M impressions delivered over 60 days), we are having difficulty finding a way to automate remarketing campaigns to stay within these types of parameters (without having to be very hands-on on a daily basis). Adwords is set up to work with CPM/CPC pricing and daily budget parameters, none of which allow us to hit goals like total # of impressions with a specified date range.


We have explored other retargeting platforms, but ultimately CTR is highest with Adwords (for whatever reason). So, we're 'stuck' on Adwords in order to provide the performance our advertisers need. But, it's critical for our ability to scale that we find a workaround or 3rd party solution that helps us automate this campaign management.


Any thoughts? Much appreciated in advance!



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Re: Achieving impression-based goals for remarketing?

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Have you considered a script to stop impressions if reached a  goal within a given date range? 

@Jon_Gritton ?

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Re: Achieving impression-based goals for remarketing?

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You cant set a goal, but what you can do is to avoid over-delivery, set an automated rule for the campaign that if Pause "Campaign A" if it has Impressions > 1 Million, with a rule that runs daily looking at past 14 or 30 or 90 days data basis the length of campaign.

Also, if you have an estimate of how much impression you need on daily basis and basis that if you set your CPM/Daily Budget you should be able to hit more or less your target.

sometimes when you have too narrow targeting, you may not get enough impression, thats when you will have to look at increasing your reach by including more targeting categories or methods.

Re: Achieving impression-based goals for remarketing?

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Hi Jack (thanks @MosheTLV ),


As Moshe has suggested, I believe a script will solve your problem as you'll be able to specify a number of impressions, a budget and a time period (and/or ending date - depending upon your needs) and the script can then manage the Account/Campaigns to hit those goals.  


Scripts can run at a frequency of at most once per hour, but this should be sufficient to be fairly accurate with the targets, although of course accuracy will vary depending upon the target impressions and the number of impressions typically received per hour.



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