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Account runs out of money, CPC goes super high

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Each week my boss tops up our account with the daily budget x 5, usually on a Monday morning. This money usually lasts until Friday night or Saturday morning, then runs out.


My boss then repeats the process Monday morning and our account is back up and running for the rest of the week.


However, our CPC is always super high at the start of the week, just after we start running ads again and slowly decreases towards the end of the week.


Although there are better ways to operate than just letting the money run out every weekend (this is a different matter) I'm wondering why the CPC always jumps? Are we being punished for not running ads continuously?


It's super frustrating to do a good job and achieve a low CPC and then have it jump right back up again the next week...



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Re: Account runs out of money, CPC goes super high

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Hello Bri,


Your CPC is not going to high beacuse you're not running camapign continuously. But how actualy you find cpc went high, by seeing keywords below first page bid or by seeing the avg position of keywords. One of the reason can be if your competitors bid high for these keywords then your CPC can goes high to sustain avg position or first page position. You can lower the cpc of keywords by improving the Quality Score of keywords, more will be quality score of keywords lesser will be cpc of keywords. 

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Re: Account runs out of money, CPC goes super high

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I have something you could try and it might help keep your average CPC's around the lower levels.


In your ad scheduling (campaign settings) you are able to go into the advanced area and set some bid multipliers.


If you were to set your bid multiplier at, say 70% on Mondays and Tuesdays and 80% on Wednesdays it would bid lower on those days which might help you achieve more even lower CPC's over the whole week.


Maybe give this a try and see how you go. 


I have included a link on how this is done as well.


How do I bid more or less for my ad at certain times of day?

Re: Account runs out of money, CPC goes super high

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Also - it would certainly help to not allow the funds to run out - I know that sounds obvious - but this is the root of the problem.


Why not set your budgets so as not to go over the spend and then simply set up the billing so that Google can take the funds rather than manually topping up?


Then - if you don't want trafic over the weekend, use scheduling to pause the campaigns. So long as Google is controlling the campaign's active/paused status this way, you shouldn't get penalised.


I have a couple of clients who regularly "forget" to top up their accounts (despite my reminders!) and the campaigns can sit suspended for a few days. Recovery is always sluggish and just as we get back up to the kind of levels we are happy with, the money runs out again!