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Accessing Adwords and Placing New Ads

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What is up with Google Adwords? This is the second time I have tried to login and create some new ads and cannot!! Just a huge waste of time here. Login is not a prob. Just can't do anything inside. Clicking on a ad category or whatever they call the groups keeps you sitting watching the the dots go in circles but never opening anything. Trying to create a new ad group only opens the page but in a blink of an eye redirects me to my main page from where nothing works for me.


I finally give up and click on the help link but that page never loads. So then I log out and click on the help link. It works, yay!  Then I click on the email option and all the new url does is take me to is a copy of the page I just left. Tried that mulyiple times. Then clicked on the chat now link and exactly the same result. New url opens but to a copy of the same page. After an hour I am pissed but decide maybe I can email them through their complaint page as it must have an email or send button. Well the complaint section allows me to see a page, chose a complaint heading, enter my google details and submit. Nowhere does it allow me to write anything. What good is that? So here I sit and can't use my account and can't contact them unless I wait till tomorrow and try by phone!! What a freaking waste of time this was. I wrote this and have no clue how to get it to adwards. Shows how stupid I am lol. Especially since about a week ago I tried to create new ads and had all the same problems when logged in.


Just tried to email google via my adsense account and help page won't load from inside either. The only links that seem to work good are sign in and sign out.


From I cannot find anywhere that doesn't take me back to the same set of help pages to email them.  So is the only option google has is by phone then?

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Re: Accessing Adwords and Placing New Ads

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Hello and welcome,


It looks like you are trying to make changes in your Adwords account and it's not happening. Let me know if that isn't the case.


Did you try clearing the cache, cookies of your browser and the relogin again?


Did you try using Google Chrome to log into your Adwords?


Did you try using a different computer or a laptop to access Adwords and make changes to it?


I hope you are the administrator of this account and not the Read only access user?


Let us know if that helps!


Re: Accessing Adwords and Placing New Ads

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Thanks for the reply and yes, trying to start a new campaign with ads. The campaign was not a problem but nothing else I can do. Won't let me create any ads or anything. I click on the campaign name and it spends all it's time trying to load and never does. I went through a link that says you have a campaign with no ads, click here to create ads. I click there and the window opens to create one but within a second it then redirects me back to my main page.


I deleted all my temp files and cleaned up my comp between the 2 visits and updating attempts over the past week or so.

I use internet explorer and always have and never had any probs prior. But I haven't used adwords in maybe a year or so.

Just the one computer is hooked to the net.

And yes it is my account. Don't even know what a read only user is.


Would also like to know why there is no email support available. An internet company with only phone support? This is all too strange. If I didn't know better I would say google servers were bogged down by too much traffic. That's the type of probs I'm having. But I have not had any problems anywhere or with anything else. Just google.

Re: Accessing Adwords and Placing New Ads

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Another thing. I have this set to email me after a reply. It has been about 3 hours and still no email.