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Ability to run specific ads only at certain times?

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Hello everyone,


The webshop I work for is planning a Happy Hour where we have free delivery on certain days at certain hours. We would really like to advertise this in our ads, however, I cannot not find an option to only run specific ads at certain times. I have only found the option to run entire campaigns at certain times. I would still like to run my normal ads, but also run a special ad during the Happy Hour. Does anyone know if this is possible?





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September 2015

Re: Ability to run specific ads only at certain times?

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Hi lontron3000,


Currently I can only see 2 ways you can do this and the first one is to manually pause and enable ads as needed with the other being 2 campaigns using ad scheduling to control the times each one shows.


You could duplicate your existing campaign but change this to show your happy hour ads and use ad scheduling only to run this at the times you want. You could pause your current campaign using the same method so your campaigns aren't fighting each other by both being active at the same time.


Automated rules wouldn't work as when you set the time for the rule to run, it can run at any time within that hour. not much good when you've only got 5 mins left...


I think a duplicate campaign would by far be the best idea and here's why.


You are running a promotion and you will get completely different results and you'll want to track this separately. By having a happy hour campaign, you are keeping this data clean and specific to it's purpose and you'll be able to tell how your promotion is working much more easily.


If you haven't done it already, have a read about ad scheduling here


I hope it helps

Re: Ability to run specific ads only at certain times?

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Hello lortron3000,


I would go with Adam's advice of creating special campaign which could run for those Happy Hours including your offers. Just make sure that while creating the campaign, you choose Search network campaign will all features and not standard features because in standard features, you won't find ad scheduling. You can read more about it in this article.


Just a thought!