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AWQL - Headline, Description lines & display URL / paths - STA vs ETA?

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I'm running an AWQL query to acquire my ads.

The result of this query kind of confuses me since data is scattered across multiple columns.

For some ads the headline is just shown in column "Headline" while for others it's shown in "HeadlinePart1" & "HeadlinePart2".

Similar things happen for Description (also Part1,Part2) and DisplayUrl (vs. path1 & path2).


I'm just creating scripts to support our marketeers so I don't perform actual campaign management in our accounts.

I've heard about the transition to ETAs and I'd say this has something to do with that transition.

However, a colleague marketeer told me these ads are all ETAs so the difference amongst them should not be caused by this.


Any ideas why we have this difference per ad?

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Re: AWQL - Headline, Description lines & display URL / paths - STA vs ETA?

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Hi @Casper S how are you running the query?  I'd suggest that you check, or condition for, Ad Types.  The Ad Performance Report:


shows that there are predicate values for Ad Type that include "Text Ad" and "Expanded Text Ad" (and fields for Headline, HeadlinePart1, HeadlinePart2) so it sounds a lot like you are getting old "normal" Text Ads being returned in your data.



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AWQL - Headline, Description lines & display URL / paths - STA vs ETA?

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