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3p permissions mgmt for adwords must exist -- please help me find! Or, workaround?

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I would like to tell my assistant "add this ip # to the google adwords ip ban manager for all campaigns" 


Also, I would like to tell my assistant "upload these placement exclusions to google adwords xyz campaign".  


Like every business on earth, I don't want my assistant to have access to the myriad of information in my google adwords account.  I don't want my assistant to have the ability to accidentally click something and run up $20,000 in unintended advertising.  A thousand other things like this make it completely inadvisable to give your assistant your google adwords password.


Why don't I just do it myself so I don't have to give out my password, you may ask?  Well, it's very time consuming.  Just the time to click through all the steps to get to the"ip ban manager" page in google adwords is several minutes every time.  Uploading the placement exclusions takes time.  It's tedious work that I would like to delegate rather than do myself.  My time costs my company more than my assistant's time does and this adds up to many hours per month.  Plus, I am annoyed by tedious tasks.  I used to do tedious tasks for others back when I was working up the ladder and now that I am older I want someone to do these tasks for me, just as I helped others, back when I had more energy and less experience.  


Some of the click fraud solutions that I use have access as a google partner to update my ip ban list.  So I know this kind of functionality is possible -- google allows partners to access and update if they verify they have your permission.  In fact, I'm sure this underlies all the third party adwords manager software that is out there, so it would have to be well-developed functionality as far as the third party software securely accessing my adwords account and making the changes entered through their, separately secured, interface.


So, my assistant can just have the password to that clickfraud 3p app and not my google adwords account, and can use that interface to add the ip ranges.  But, the clickfraud account is not really designed for this and like anything designed for a different purpose, it doesn't work real well for this.  So I am still looking for a solution.  I realize there are only 500 ip exclusions allowed, this doesn't mean I want to forfeit the task of manually excluding the ips which we know are fraudulent from human review.  Also, there is no way to upload placement exclusions this way.  


Surely, there must be other people who want this same thing that I want (described above).  There must be something for this already.  It's a hard product to search for on google because all of the search terms involved bring up thousands of people that want to manage my ads account for me or directions on how to use the adwords interface itself.  


I'm sure all you high level professionals are not personally surfing your file system for your placement exclusions lists and individually waiting for the upload bar to finish in google adwords, right?  What is the name of this product?  


Thanks in advance for any ideas!!


Also, please don't tell me "Google adwords has user management" because I know that, and this does not answer my question at all.  The user management is not set up for this kind of thing.  They have just a couple of categories, it has nothing to do with making it possible to delegate tedious tasks to assistants or sequestering individual users from information and functionality that is not a part of their job.


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3p permissions mgmt for adwords must exist -- please help me find! Or, workaround?

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Hi @Adrian C,


When we had to, we usually managed the issue via the export/import files feature in the Editor from where the assistant was sent an excel file, made changes to it, then we imported the file back, revised the changes and uploaded them to the AdWords account when appropriate. A similar arrangement was when the assistant had a different Editor account where he made the changes, then we imported and uploaded them. The Editor is sometimes lagging a bit behind the AdWords account, matured account features are however usually supported.