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1. What factors calculate the quality score?

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2. If 2 locations with same set of keywords, domain etc. having overlapping zipcodes, whose ad would show up and why.

3. If those 2 locations selects to have their own separate domains then how can we overcome the issue of both the ads showing up. Consider googles policy for Display and Destination/Landing Page URLs.

4. If the corporate location selects to run a national campaign for an event, what can be done to avoid local ads competing with national campaigns.

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Re: 1. What factors calculate the quality score?

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Hi Fran5324 and welcome to your first post!  This feels like a test Smiley Happy


1.  There are a lot of different factors that influence Quality Score and Google doesn't actually reveal every one of them.  We do know that CTR, both historical and current, is a very important factor, with current CTR being the most important.  Other elements such as landing page quality, keyword relevance, etc.  There are more details on this help page:


More about Quality Score


2.  This is a tricky one as lots of factors will come into play.  Essentially, Google will pick the "best" Keyword to trigger for that search term, "best" being defined by a lot of factors (including Quality Score).  Again, the best information on this is here in the Help files:


Multiple Keyword Matching


3.  A simple one!  They won't.  Google only permits one Ad to display per Account for any given search term. And, before you ask, you can't have multiple Accounts promoting the same product/service...


4.  This is kind of the same answer as 3. above.  Only one Ad per Account will show for any search term.  Since "geographical performance" is a factor in Quality Score it might be that the local Ads would show in preference to the national ones.  If you want the national Ads to always show in preference to the local ones, the only effective way of doing this would be to pause the local Ads for the duration of the national Campaign.  If you've got a lot of Campaigns/Groups you may find this easiest to do in the AdWords Editor.



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Re: 1. What factors calculate the quality score?

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If different accounts are setup as MCC-SubMCC are they considered as separate accounts ?