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Youtube - payment

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Hello AdWords people, 


If I use video true-view where I pay only if is played whole video or 30s and I create 30s Video with so borring last 10s so nobody will watch can I have any problem? Smiley Very Happy





- Lukas
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September 2015

Re: Youtube - payment

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No, because you will get charged even with a 10 second video according to the rule a view = a play up to the end of the video , if it is less than 30 seconds.


I can guarantee you that even a boring video gets a reasonable amount of views. A minimum of view rate is 13%.


Regarding the content requirement it is described here and has nothing to do with the "boring" aspect of a video :



Content requirements Family status

Google assigns a family status to all ads to make sure that ads are shown to an appropriate audience. InVideo ads and the content they point to must be “family safe.” InVideo ads and their associated websites cannot contain “non-family” or “adult” content. YouTube age-restricted videos cannot be promoted in TrueView ads."