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Youtube channel terminated for using adwords promo

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Youtube suspended my channel ( for which i have spend a decent budget USD$ on adwords. The channel deals with unboxing toys and surprise eggs. I create my own contents and promote those videos with google adwords video campaign.
I use two methods for advertising:
1. I will create video campaign for my Public videos.
2. For some videos, initially it will be unlisted and after when campaign ads gets over i'll change privacy to public (1st advertising then publishing).

All views comes to my channel from Approved ADS.

Advertising public or unlisted videos is allowed by google adwords (Reference, under YouTube video settings -

I got good response for all my videos but yesterday (on sept 8th) my channel was terminated. I used only In-stream ads to promote my videos and select youtube and Google Display network on Delivery method .

I strongly believe I have not violated these policies. I've never used spam or tags in my descriptions, irrelevant tags or titles. or any other methods in attempt to cheat the system, mislead or offend my viewers.

When i appeal here: I've got following replay back:


"Your YouTube account was suspended due to repeated or severe violations of our Terms of Use and/or Community Guidelines, and as such cannot be restored."

I believe the termination of my channel was not legitimate and takes place only because of some adwords filtering issue between invalid and true video views, that youtube finds fake (against their policy) which leads to ternimation of my youtube channel. My AdWords account number: <edited>. Kindly fix this issue and help me to restore my channel.

Email me here directly: <edited>

Thanks for any help!


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Re: Youtube channel terminated for using adwords promo

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Hi Nashid,
Unfortunately, as this suspension comes from YouTube, you'll need to get in touch with the YouTube team. I'd suggest posting this question to the YouTube forum:


Re: Youtube channel terminated for using adwords promo

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No use with youtube form. every time i appeal i'ill got a robotic replay.

I strongly has doubt that " Adwords video view that youtube counts as fake or something like buying views, and that's is the reason why i got terminated.

here is a similar situation:

What should i do? Feels so bad with support.