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Youtube Discovery Ads - What are overlay ads?

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When defining YouTube Discovery Ads here on

- It defines: 

"Video discovery ads can appear on watch pages in these different positions:

    1. In the related video section as a unit that contains a thumbnail, headline, channel name and video view count.
          2. As an overlay on the video. Overlays look the same on the YouTube watch page and on embedded players."


An  example shown - But the overlay seems to be from a Adwords Display Image campaign i.e showing top RHS 'Ads by Google' descriptor.


Most other Google support pages do not mention the overlay as being part of Discovery Ads - For exmple: - On this definition it shows thumbnails only - Not overlays - Many other Google support sites never identify Overlays as part of Discovery Ads?

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Youtube Discovery Ads - What are overlay ads?

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Having an overlay in discovery ads is an additional option and a feature that can be activated on the YouTube video organically (non paid view of that video) in YouTube. However, the CTA overlay for discovery doesn't have the same targeting capabilities as in stream ads do- you can't implement a tracking pixel and etc.