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YouTube - Remarketing list Custom Combination

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Hi there,


I would like to retarget people who have viewed a video on my channel, but are NOT subscribed yet and have problems in creating this list.


Right now I can only find the custom combination amongst the Website Remarketing options, but not within the Video would I create a custom list with people "Who have viewed any video" excluding "people who are subscribed" within Adwords?


Many thanks!




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YouTube - Remarketing list Custom Combination

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Hi Malte,


That's a really great question. It's not super straightforward, but I figured out a way to accomplish this.


1. Create a video remarketing list of people who "Viewed any video from a channel"

2. Create a video remarketing list of people who "Subscribed to a channel"

3. Create a custom combination under the "Website visitors" option. When you select what audience you want in the combination you can click on the drop-down option called "Remarketing lists" and select "Video viewers lists". Create the custom combination to target anyone on the "Viewed any video from a channel" list and exclude anyone on the "Subscribed to a channel" list.


I hope that helps!




YouTube - Remarketing list Custom Combination

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Hi John, hi Malte,


did you try the lists and do they work? I found your post, after figuring it out the same way you did, but other than this post, I can't find any information that confirms that this is the way to combine YouTube Remarketing Lists.

It is really weird, that it has to be done through the Website visitors. Furthermore, if you don't have a regular retargetig tag, you will have to set it up before you can access the Website Visitors. Even though it is useless for a YouTube List combination.


I'd love to get your feedback!


Many thanks & best regards,