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Why are video views lower on YouTube vs views on AdWords?

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I ran an AdWords video ad from Oct 29 - Nov 1. The AdWords campaign account shows 545 views but that video on the YouTube channel shows 200 views.


Why is there a large view difference? Are the In-Stream views not registered as views on the YT video? 


I ran similar campaigns for different videos last year and did not encounter this issue.




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Re: Why are video views lower on YouTube vs views on AdWords?

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Hi Mrs R, how are things?

The views you see on Adwords interface are not the same thing as the video view.

Those views inside Adwords are views for your ADs in particular, not the videos on your channel.

Google doesn't tell exactly how Views on Videos are calculated, and the first 300 views of the videos are calculated slightly different from 301+ views. We know that the video views increases when using Video Ads, but I don't know if this is entirely due the Ad, or actually people that went to your video page.

One thing though, the views on TrueView Ads counts towards your public YouTube account.

I think you can refer to this page for further help:

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Why are video views lower on YouTube vs views on AdWords?

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