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What is the CPV for Youtube Pre-Roll Video Ads? Where is it Trending?

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Hi All,


I would like some help finding out what is a fair range of the CPV of Youtube Pre-Roll Video Ads???


I know this is a silly question just like that, so I will make some assumptions about the target audience that will watch these ads:

- For males

- In USA

- Between the ages of 18 and 30


I hope that the question makes some sense... If it still doesn't make a lot of sense, please explain me what other information would be required to be able to get a more "straight" answer.


Finally, if the prices of CVP change a lot through the years, I would also appreciate if someone can advise on how are those CPV prices have changed over time, and what the trends?


Thanks a lot in advanced for your answers Smiley Happy



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Re: What is the CPV for Youtube Pre-Roll Video Ads? Where is it Trendi

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Hi Rodan
These video views follow the same concept as keywords in that they're an auction. There's absolutely no way for me to even give you an average as it completely depends on the competition and what they're willing to pay to have their ads shown over yours. It's not a fixed price.

Here's a great video on how the auction works for keywords and it's only slightly different for video ads:

Here's a great help center article on improving your video ad performance:

Hope that helps.

Re: What is the CPV for Youtube Pre-Roll Video Ads? Where is it Trendi

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Hi Dave,

Thanks a lot for your answer.

I uderstand that the CPVs are not fixed and work on a real-time-bidding system. That is why my question was asking for a price range of CPV.

I also specified in my question some targeting criteria (male, in USA, between 18 and 30) so the question has more information.

Are you, or someone, able to provide a range of CPV for pre-roll video ads on youtube given the aboce criteria? If not, what other information would you need to be able to provide me with at least a price range for CPVs?

Thanks in advance again for your answers!