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Hi everybody! I noticed that when a watch in-stream ads on Youtube in some of the ads there is a URL in the bottom left side of the screen annd some call-to-action overlays.And is I decide to click on the screen and not on these appealing buttons the ad just stops.So in other cases I saw an in-stream ad without these buttons and when I clicl on the screen it sends me on the advertisers website.The problem is that when I structure my video campaign it requires to put a URL in my ad...  SO is it possible to have a call-to-action overlay and at the same time when a person clicks on my ad not to stop it, but just go to the landing page?

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Video ads

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Hi @Krustiu B,


Typically speaking, this is not a standard option for YouTube/Video ads.  You can add in the CTA overlays or use your URL to be displayed with your ads.  


What you are suggesting here seems like it would fall under some sort of policy violation for tricking users, you want them to click through to your site instead of pausing/playing the ad.  I'm not so sure that's such a great user experience.


That said, there are a number of options you have to further enhance your video ad experience through YouTube, you can check out these options here.



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