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Video ad just for GDN, not for Youtube

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Hi guys,


I frequently find Video ads playing on the GDN. I'm wondering what the steps are to create a Video ad campaign that is to play the videos ONLY on the GDN and not on Youtube.

What would be the best way to go about this?




For example, here's one on a forum:


Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 10.09.56 AM.png

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Re: Video ad just for GDN, not for Youtube

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Hi there;
I think that you are refereeing to "AdWords for video"
Read more about this type of campaigns;
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Re: Video ad just for GDN, not for Youtube

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To show an AdWords video ad only on GDN placements, Target the "Youtube videos network" (second option from "Networks" ) and use as "Negative target" the placement , otherwise it will be targeted by default .


The steps to follow for an exclusion of placements are a little non-intuitive to say the least :


1) Click on Targets and pick a targeting group that you use for that video.

2) Under the Graph you will have a few targeting criteria , click there on "Show more" to see also the Placements criteria


3) Then search on the lower right side the section "Campaign level exclusions" and click on "+Negative placements"



4) Under the text box "Add manually " type and click on "Add>>" 

Now the beauty of it is that you have to click the same button "+Negative placements " to save the modification.

Very bad interface design at this point , as the "Save" action is allocated to the same button which opens the dialogue box. A huge lack of software testing which I have seen in many other corners of the AdWords interface.



Re: Video ad just for GDN, not for Youtube

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Thanks so much Adrian! That worked!
Moshe, appreciate the links.