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Tracking Clicks from Annotations in Video Ads

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Hello, If I have a an annotation in a video ad that links to my website, how should I track clicks on that annotation?  Will these show up as clicks on my video ad in AdWords, will they show up as coming from from my video AdWords campaign in Google Analytics?  If not, is the best way to track them to set up a trackable Analytics URL from the URL builder ( and link the annotation to that?  Thanks.

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September 2015

Re: Tracking Clicks from Annotations in Video Ads

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Hi Curtis F,

The Annotation reports in YouTube shows simply click information (the quantity in the date range provided) and the location of the viewers who clicked on the annotations.

There currently isn't a simple way to show the users who clicked from AdWords separately from those who found your video from YouTube search, or from browsing.

One option that would be a workaround, would be for you to have two versions of your video, one public that is there for the general public and can be found by browsing on YouTube, and the other that is an unlisted video that is the video you use for your ad - that way the only data you should be seeing for that video is from users who saw your ad.