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Third party tracking pixel - youtube

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I would like to add a pixel tracking script to a Youtube ad so that I can track the visitors through my tool instead of Youtube analytics or google adwords.

Hence, I have one URL that has the pixel tracking code and one URL that redirects back to my website. 


So far I cannot figure out how to do that.


Any suggestions are welcome Smiley Happy

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August 2016

Re: Third party tracking pixel - youtube

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Hi @Dionysios Z


We've done this for some additional 3rd party tracking solutions on YouTube.  


You may be able to submit a request here or via AdWords Support/Your Dedicated rep.  I'm not sure what you're looking to implement but the vendor of the pixel may have to be on this list:


I've only ever done this with a certified vendor and our reps handled it for us.


Hope this helps!





Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Third party tracking pixel - youtube

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Hi Tommy,


Thanks for the tips.

Does the link will work for Youtube impression tracking too?




Third party tracking pixel - youtube

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As far as I know, you can't ad any scripts on your youtube that would count impression - but if you use a click tracking software, you can count the clicks and the conversions back to the tracking software. You wont know the number of impressions tough. 


What tracking software do you use?