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Rookie needs some help

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I just launched my first Video AdCampaign Smiley Happy woppaaa.

I set the max CPV to $ 0.05 - just to get started and see if something or anything is happening.


My result after two days:

  • 300 Impressions
  • 1 Click


The money that was spent: $1.50 Smiley Happy

well, well, well.. it's a start, right? lol;


However.. here is something I don't understand.

I thought, that I'll be only charged if someone clicks on my Video.

My statistics are telling me, that I had only one click.

But I was charged $1.50 and my max CPV is set to $ 0.05


  • So why was I charged $1.50?
  • Do I also have to pay for impressions only?
  • If that's the case, is there an option to change those settings, that I'll be only charged if someone clicks on my Ad-video.. or at least watches it for 30seconds?


Impressions just don't help me!


Thank you so much for any little help,

I really appreciate that!




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Re: Rookie needs some help

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Hi @Bernhard R,


Welcome to the AdWords community.


CPV stands for cost-per-view and videos ads are about views (not clicks)... and of course, us advertisers want clicks, subscriptions and other actionable goals that have value to us uniquely. With video advertising, you can run a few different types of ad formats, which will depend on various factors like video length and desired goals. You have to carefully balance everything to create the right videos ads with the right ad format with the right bid to have it all provide a positive return on investment. This is the part of game that makes strategy and skill come alive and also where the challenge comes in. 


Two of the most common video ad formats are:


TrueView in-stream ads

  • When to use this ad format: Use this format when you want your video ad to appear before, during, or after other videos on YouTube and the Display Network.
  • How you're charged: You pay when a viewer watches 30 seconds of your video (or the duration if it's shorter than 30 seconds) or engages in other video interactions, such as clicks on the call-to-action overlays (CTAs), cards, and companion banners.
  • Where the ads appear: TrueView in-stream ads can appear on videos across YouTube and on video publisher sites, games, and apps on the Display Network.

TrueView video discovery ads

  • When to use this ad format: For an ad (of any length) when people are searching on YouTube or browsing videos on YouTube and across the web.
  • How you're charged: You’ll be charged when a viewer clicks your ad and begins watching your video.
  • Where the ads appear: TrueView video discovery ads can appear next to related YouTube videos, on YouTube search results, and on the YouTube mobile homepage


You will want to use this information to dig in a bit more. And this information should be utilized completely. 


Kind Regards,





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