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Placement Targeting Fail - Any Suggestions Please?

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I created a new ad group this morning targeting placements only for my video ad.  


I go and handpick just over a hundred related videos on youtube to target, thinking my ad will only appear in the right margin of those videos.


I go cut my lawn, come back in 30 minutes later, and my $51 daily budget is already spent.


I look at my data and the ad did not appear on any of the 100 plus video placements I had selected?


Instead, all of my ads were shown on and

with a terrible 0.36% view rate and a very high cpc that I am too embarrassed to show.  Only 8% of views watched the entire ad.  It was a complete failure, and a lesson learned.  When I looks at my list of placements under VIDEO TARGETING, I see the full list of 100 plus videos that all read ZERO for impressions and views?


I made the foolish assumption that selecting those placements and a very high bid would only display my ads on those placements.


Question.  Is there a way to target placements so that your video ad only appears on the placements you select in the right margin?


I have now selected some topics to further narrow down where my video is displayed.  I would love to know if you can have your ad only displayed on your selected list of placements?

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July 2016

Re: Placement Targeting Fail - Any Suggestions Please?

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Hi Tom,

Out of curiosity, in your campaign settings, which networks are you opted into?

Tommy Sands, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Philly Marketing Labs
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Re: Placement Targeting Fail - Any Suggestions Please?

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You are exactly right, and I figured out the solution.

I deleted the campaign, created a new one and selected display network only, fixing the problem and giving me the results I desired.

For those of you that are getting the issue I was having is because you selected display AND SEARCH results.

Placement Targeting Fail - Any Suggestions Please?

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Tommy - I hate to hop on an old post, but I'm trying to determine what is when using placements and leaving YouTube Search checked as a Network. This is a Video Discovery Campaign.


Say I choose placements for 10 videos and 3 channels related to "working out." And then when I look where my ads actually showed, it's all


Does that mean that one of my target (placement) videos or channels was in those search results and thus Google displayed my ad along side those results? Or were these random results?


I too am seeing my placements show up like Tom's. If the results are related to my placements, then that's a great feature. But there's nothing that leads me to believe that's the case. Do you know?


Thanks much!


Placement Targeting Fail - Any Suggestions Please?

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Hi Brighton,


Did you find an answer to your problem because I too get the same issues, however I am going to ask my friend to implement what Tom suggested above, so only target the display and NOT the search feature.