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Non-skippable Video Ad Formats and their charges.

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Skippable Video Ads versus Non-Skippable Video Ads


Hi AdWords Community!


There are two types of TrueView video ad formats that you and your clients can use: skippable and non-skippable. Important things to know about these formats are how they are charged; skippable ads are charged on a cost-per-view basis (CPV), while the non-skippable ads (which are bought on reservation basis) are generally cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-thousand-impression (CPM).


Here is an example of each format:


Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 1.00.43 AM.png Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 1.00.43 AM.png

How to Create them ?


TrueView skippable in-stream video ads can be created using a the AdWords Campaign type > Video from the account Campaigns Page > Campaigns tab > +Campaign > Online Video/Video


Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 6.57.35 PM.png

On the other hand, for Non-skippable in-stream video ads, you need to go to the AdWords account > Ads tab > +Ad > Ad Gallery (Within any campaign opted into the Display Network)


Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 6.51.51 PM.png

How the charges and bidding strategy differs ?


TrueView skippable in-stream video ads are charged CPV, which is the cost for a view, for an in-stream ad it is viewing 30 secs of the video or else the entire video if it is less than 30 secs (in-display has the view counted when the video begins to load)


For the non-skippable ad format, it’s not through an online video campaign (as that is based on CPV), but through a reservation buy which is done prior to the auction. Since, it is based on the pre-booking and thus, the costs will vary for the region based on availability of slots, location targeting and competition. Help article to explain this in detail.


I hope this helps, and let us know via a reply comment if you have any more questions.

Enjoy Smiley Happy


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Re: Non-skippable Video Ad Formats and their charges.

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Thank you for this information. Can you give advice also about the Non-Skippable Video Ads created through the Ad Gallery ? For example : if the video is over 20 seconds, what happens with it in the non-skippable in-stream format, is the video ad cropped down to show only the first 20 seconds ?


What is the role of the play button for an Ad format "In-Stream non-skippable" created from AdWords from the Ad Gallery (without reservation buy) ? I am asking because I have not seen an example (preview) about how this ad format runs.

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Re: Non-skippable Video Ad Formats and their charges.

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Hi Adrian,

Thanks for the response. So few things here:

1. There are maximum length requirements for non-skippable ads (through Adwords ad gallery) but they can vary per region, wherein European region often has a higher duration acceptance of around 20 seconds. Further, due to high demand of 30 seconds non-skippable ads, these are mostly available through reservation buy now.

**The above will run on YT and across the Google Video network partners.

2. Another key point to note here is that in case you upload an ad through ad gallery which is longer than 20 seconds, it may still get accepted by the system and run as well. The reason for the same is that the GVN accepts viewable video ads up to :60s in length; however these ads will not serve on YT inventory. Thus the whole video can run without getting cropped across video partner websites. These can be pre/mid or post-roll.

3. As for the format preview, the screenshot I shared shows how the ad will look like when serving live. It has no skip button and there is a yellow bar running for the video length. Further the option to visit the advertiser's website comes as well.

Hope this helps!

Re: Non-skippable Video Ad Formats and their charges.

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Finally some light on this issue. I have obtained very good traffic with this In-Stream Non skippable format by bidding "viewable CPM" .

Thank you very much for the detailed info.

Re: Non-skippable Video Ad Formats and their charges.

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Thats Great! Happy to help Smiley Happy

Re: Non-skippable Video Ad Formats and their charges.

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Hi @Niharika K Smiley Happy


I have another related question which has been bugging me for some time: If non-skippable video ad is charged on CPC basis, then what exactly is "click" here? When a user clicks on a video and is directed to the landing page? If yes, then does it mean that if a user doesn't click on the video and watches it til the end, the view is free of charge?

Then again, if I need the number of views (not clicks) of non-skippable videos, shall I look at the number of impressions? When I think about it, there could be some logic in this: the ads are non-skippable therefore the number of impressions should be equal to the number of views, no?


Thanks in advance!



Re: Non-skippable Video Ad Formats and their charges.

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Hi Niharika
Need to understand the best out put of Non-Skipable ads in youtube
10 Sec
15-20 Sec
30 Sec
whats difference why should i run my ads less then 30 sec whether the charges are less or gud cpv
Let me know which is best and why

Re: Non-skippable Video Ad Formats and their charges.

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How can i Run non-skippable ads in Trueview Video campaigns for my client via adwords?

Please provide step by step instruction.

Re: Non-skippable Video Ad Formats and their charges.

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