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My ad has no clicks?

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I made a video ad yesterday, and on YouTube it says it has 4000 views. The problem is, on Adwords, it says I have 0 clicks. And worse yet, my video ad has ONE like and no comments and I haven't gotten one subscriber yet. I worked for days on my video and it's frustrating me. Why am I not getting any likes and subscribers? And how many clicks do I really have, 4000 or none? PLEASE HELP ME Smiley Sad
This is the video I advertized:
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September 2015

Re: My ad has no clicks?

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Hi StuffedToyGang
This issue has been addressed countless times here on the community.

AdWords does not guarantee anything after the view/click. It's up to you to qualify and convert your traffic.

For example, if I bid on the keyword "iPhone", I'll get a lot of impressions and a lot of clicks, but if my video is about time travel, people are not going to stick around, watch, like or subscribe to my channel. AdWords did it's job by delivering the traffic/views that I told it to. It's MY FAULT for not qualifying the traffic.

You need to take a step back and put yourself in your visitors shoes. How far into your video did those 4000 people watch? What incentive did you give them to like or subscribe? Honestly, looking at your video, the point of it is completely lost on me. To me, it looks like the sound is broken and I have no idea what on earth it's about. Is it trying to be artsy? Maybe your viewers know what it is? There's no immediate call to action. What benefit do I get from giving up my time to watch it?

There's a million reasons why you're not getting any conversions. Here's a few resources:

It really is up to you to help your viewers.

My ad has no clicks?

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fake views that's why