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Is this considered adult content on YouTube?

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Hi guys,


I'm new to YouTube advertising (I hope this is the right forum. Whenever I try to get YouTube help, I end up here!)... I have written a book called 'Sex, Lies, and Cruising', and would like to do a professional book trailer to advertise on YouTube (as an ad, not as a promoted video).


Is that possible with the title as it is? Is it considered to be 'sexual content'? I can't find definitive information on this anywhere.


The opening dialogue on the ad would be the opening line of the book "24 hours on board the ship, and I've already shagged someone."


I wouldn't include graphic content, although there would be glimpses of 'implied' intimacy, along with dancing, partying, beaches, and a ship of course Smiley Happy


I would love some advice on this before I commit resources to the project.


Thanks so much in advance. If I'm on the wrong board, please advise.


warm regards


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Re: Is this considered adult content on YouTube?

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Hi Cathryn,
All video ads need to fall under the category of "Family Safe".

If you review the Family Safe policy here: you'll find that "Google restricts the promotion of the following types of adult-oriented content...sexually suggestive content...".

I would make sure to review the policies before you create your ad. Ultimately we'd need to send the finished ad to the policy team for review.