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How to run Youtube Ads

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I am planning to run a Youtube Ad to feature my product/Service in other videos which has similar content or when people are searching for similar videos, our ads gets populated.


For this do I need to first create a Channel? Can someone tell which Ad will suit this requirement , as my goals are conversions only.





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September 2015

Re: How to run Youtube Ads

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Hi Sheema,

Congratulations on running your first video Campaign!  The links below explain how to do this.  Essentially what you'll want to do is have YouTube as a Managed Placement and then you can create Ads to run on YouTube.  


Are you looking to drive traffic to your site or to a video?  If you're just looking to drive traffic to your site then no, you do not need a YouTube channel or any video assets.  YouTube has several different advertising formats.  As you say Conversions are your goal, I'm guessing that you want to drive traffic to your site, in which case I'd suggest Display Ads and Overlay In Video Ads.


If you want YouTube searchers to watch a video, then yes, you'll need to create and upload video assets.


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Re: How to run Youtube Ads

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Hi Brian,

Thanks for the reply. However, I would like to know how to create overlay ads in Video . Do we need a Channel for this?