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How to optimize my campaign

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I am running an ad for my YouTube channel, Cityracer Gaming. I thought I had properly optimized it, but I'm not getting any impressions, much less clicks. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Here are my settings:

  • In-stream and In-display ad groups
  • $.04 Max CPV
  • $5.00 budget per day
  • Age targeting: 18-24, 25-34
  • Placement targeting: Steejo,YouTube channel; Arumba,YouTube channel; Kailvin,YouTube channel; quill18,YouTube channel; Shenryyr2,Youtube channel
  • Location Targeting: US, UK, Canada
  • Networks: YouTube Videos


Here's the AD I use:

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Re: How to optimize my campaign

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Hi there,

Thanks for posting to the Community. From the sounds of it, it may be that your targeting is too limited. Have you tried testing expanded targeting, perhaps using interest targeting to reach people who are into gaming? I ask because placement targeting is some of the narrowest targeting you can do on YouTube. Doing a small test of other targeting types could help you get initial data.

Hope this helps!

Re: How to optimize my campaign

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I also say that your targeted audience got too narrow due to over targeting. Don't mix your targeting methods in same ad group. If you are sure that users watching a particular video/channel are your targeted audience, use them as a placement targeting and don't use any other targeting method in that ad group.

Create a separate ad group with age group and mix it with interest targeting like gaming or games..

Mix another ad group with age and highly specific keywords like "gaming videos", "gaming trailer" etc.

Wait for some time and see which targeting method works better and optimize further..

Also do check the placement report everyday to check good/bad placement and include/exclude them on a regular basis