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How to advertise Youtube channel through Adwords

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I would like to advertise my Youtube channel using my Google Adwords account. I would only like to advertise using Google Search Network only.


I would like to increase my viewership and subscribers to my YouTube channel. 


When trying to create an advert I am running into issues at the Display URL and Destination URL because of the following issues;

1) Domain: I am exceeding the 35 character limit because I have not yet been granted access to a custom Youtube URL.

2) The display URL, final URL, and landing page URL do not match = this links into point 1 above.


I am thinking of the following in order to get around the issue that I am having;

1) Option 1: Redirects: Creating a page on my website that will redirect the user to the YouTube channel

2) Option 2: URL Shortener: Using or to shorten the YouTube channel URL?

3) Option 3: Should I create an advert linking people to my website then redirecting them, from my website, through to my YouTube channel?


I have read this Adwords suggestion but the suggestions do not meet my needs (using Search Network Only).


Any advise / suggestions would be welcome.

Re: How to advertise Youtube channel through Adwords

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You don't have to include the whole channel URL in the display URL. Display URL is just to give people an idea where they will arrive after clicking your ad. Destination URL is where you must put your channel URL and the characters limit is 2048.

Therefore, you can just include the Youtube domain in the display URL (eg. and the channel URL in the destination URL.

However, I would prefer first directing the visitors to the website, where I can offer them more information about the channel and why they should watch the video or subscribe. It also will be helping you optimizing landing pages, use more features like Google analytics or conversion tracking, In short, you can do many things over the website that you can't do over the channel.

Re: How to advertise Youtube channel through Adwords

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Hi Andrew,

Welcome to Google Adwords Community Smiley Happy

First of all I think you should go for Youtube Advertisement using adwords for video. This will help you to get maximum subscriber. 


For start go to the left side panel and choose all video campaigns button. Check the screenshot below - 


video campaign.png



There you can find two types of ads - 


1 Instream Ad - Instream ads are shown on youtube video. For more information visit -

2. Indisplay Ad- Use this format to promote a video next to YouTube videos, as part of a YouTube search result or within other website content across the Google Display Network. to know more visit -


Bidding would on Cost per view basis. To know about cost per view (CPV) bidding click here -


Hope that helps to maximize your subscribers.





Re: How to advertise Youtube channel through Adwords

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Hello @andrew c, How are you doing?? and great i guess?


To me option 1 and 3 looks alike, but if they are not. I would suggest you go for the option 1, which says:  Redirects: Creating a page on my website that will redirect the user to the YouTube channel .


Why you should go for option 1?


You using option one, you will be able to use Google Search Network GSN for your ads.

When you create an ads, and you take them to a page on your website, on your page you will be able to explain the usefulness, content, and reason why they should watch and subscriber to your channel.


But next time you want to run and ads, and you want to use a GDN Google Display Network, i would suggest you link your Youtube account to your Adwords Account because, you will have more access to some functions as re-marketing etc.



Always be good



Re: How to advertise Youtube channel through Adwords

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I'm having the same problem.


I purposely DO NOT want to send them to my website.  It's a very nontraditional but a unique method I am testing.


My objective is to keep users within YouTube, and get them to check out some of my videos, and hopefully subscribe. 


Mail list conversion, sales conversions come way way later.  My videos are good enough to have people subscribe.


I wish we could put our own copy for the url section!