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How YouTube Charge

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Hi Community Members,

I have a little confusion about how Youtube count view or charge CPV.

So here is the scenario:

I have a 18 second long video, we all know that the skip buttons appears at the 5th second and it stays there for next 30 second, if the video is longer then 30 second I will be charged at the 31 second when the skip button disappears(Am I Right? This is my understanding please correct me if I am wrong)

Now my question is my video is 18 second long and If someone hits the skip button at the 15sec or 16 sec, will I be charged? because what i read, Youtube guideline says if the video is shorter than 30 sec and viewers sees the complete video then only I will be charged.

So please help me understand this.

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How YouTube Charge

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Hi @SuryaKant S,


Views show you the number of times people watched or engaged with your video ad. Note: TrueView video ads views will also count towards your video's public YouTube view count only if a video is longer than 11 seconds.

Avg. CPV is the average amount you pay when a viewer watches 30 seconds of your video (or the duration if it's shorter than 30 seconds) or engages with your video, whichever comes first. Note that your average CPV may not be the same as your maximum CPV. Your maximum CPV is the most you’re willing to pay for an ad view.


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