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For campaigns with a high daily budget, would CPV lessen or increase?

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I would like to run an aggressive video advertising campaign where I'd be aiming at, say 0.5 to 1Million views a day. Would my CPV be lesser than usual or more? Also, would it be possible to run as big a campaign, smoothly, without hitting a roof in terms of views I get per day?

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December 2015

Re: For campaigns with a high daily budget, would CPV lessen or increa

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Hi Chinmay

If you're targeting all demographics and that's it, no matter what your budget, it will be spent at whatever CPV you set.

If your targeting is much tighter and you set a frequency cap, as long as there's a limit to the number of people you're reaching and your ad quality is high, it won't change.

Your CPV is something you set as a max. Not a target. Google does a pretty good job at keeping it below this, especially for a video campaign.

Assuming you're targeting is extremely wide and you have enough budget, your CPV will stay the same over time. Increasing your budget won't change that.

To run smoothly, set your ad delivery to standard. That's what it's for Smiley Happy

Good luck with your campaign, exciting times!