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Do adwords work the same on mobile and laptop/computer?

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hi im hassan raza from karachi

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September 2015

Re: Do adwords work the same on mobile and laptop/computer?

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Hello Hassan,

Adwords works both on laptop/computer and mobile, however user experience is a bit different, so you can choose different types ads to show people who are using mobile devices and create separate campaigns for mobile phones. One of such campaigns is call only campaign

Here is a link to creative shortlist, which will help you to undestand customer behaviour in a bit deeper way.

Also please note that you can create usual search campaign for all devices at once and set bid adjustments if your mobile traffic is performing more poorly compared to pc.
Cheers, Alexey
UAWC Agency
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Re: Do adwords work the same on mobile and laptop/computer?

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The core function of AdWords would remain the same i.e. providing relevant user experience based on different signals and how the advertisers are using it.


So in case you are thinking about targeting mobile device users using AdWords, you need to ensure that your website or your landing page is mobile friendly. May be you have a responsive website which fits according to the device so that user experience is good.


My 2 cents!