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Do Instream Video Ads count as views?

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Hi I recently started a video campaign, although it hasn't started yet I just was curious for when my InStream ads start showing on other videos. When my video starts to play, even if they press skip, will that count as a view towards the total? Or is it when they choose to click on the Instream ad, it will direct them to the video and that's the view? It appears as though the whole video becomes an Ad so if they wanted to they could just watch the entire video without pressing skip, or are the two interlinked? I hope this makes sense, thanks! Smiley Very Happy

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September 2015

Re: Do Instream Video Ads count as views?

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Hi Boy,

A view for the ad is counted when the user watch 30s or more of the video (if the video is 30+ long). If you have videos shorter than 30s, then the view is counted when the user reach the end of the video.

Notice that this is the view on the AD side. More about this here:

For the actually number of view for your VIDEO, Google does not share how views are calculated.

More about video views here:

Hope this helps.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

Re: Do Instream Video Ads count as views?

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Hi Leandrofm

A click on CTA within the 30 seconds is also chargeable now isn't it, whereas used to be free if before 30 seconds?

It's so difficult to keep up with it all!