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Combined targeting criterias in Adwords for Video campaign

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When setting up my latest Adwords for Video campaign, I wanted to try and combine targeting criterias in order to reach a very specific audience. The filtering options were the following:

Targeted location: France

Targeted language: French

Demographics: all ages, all genders

Placements: a dozen of hand-picked Youtube videos with a high number of views

(Demographics and Placements criterias were in one single targeting group, which was my only targeting group for this campaign.)


I expected my (in-stream) ad to be displayed to people meeting all these criterias, that is to say people in France, speaking french, of any age and gender, and watching one of the youtube videos I had picked as placements.

When I check the adwords report for my campaign, in Targets>Demographics I can see that my ad got 9,076 impressions among all demographics. Great !

However, in Targets>Placements, I can see that for the same time period, my ad only got 30 impressions among all the placements I had picked.


Does this mean that my ad was shown to people who met the demographics criteria, but outside of the placements I had picked ?

In that case, is there a way to make sure my video ad will only be shown to people meeting all criterias, including youtube placements ?


The content of my ad is designed to refer to the youtube videos used as placements, that is why having such a strict targeting matters for my campaign.


Thanks in advance for your input.

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September 2015

Re: Combined targeting criterias in Adwords for Video campaign

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Hi Antoine,

My name is Craig from Google AdWords and I am happy to help you in regards to your YouTube targeting. Adding additional targets such as placements will refine or narrow your targeting. If you wish to refine by a single type of targeting - e.g. placements - you can add many placements, which will not overlap. However, if you refine by an additional type of targeting - e.g. placements and topics - we will consider the intersection or overlap of the different targeting selections which must occur to serve the ads.

There are a few different things that may have happened here. Placements are now specific to either the YouTube Videos Network or the Google Display Network (GDN), and will only restrict ad serving on the network to which the placement belongs. Selecting the right networks at the campaign level is critical because of this. If you are opted into the Display Network the impressions may have came from there. You can see this by selecting "Segment by Network" and looking for Google Display.

To run ads only on relevant YouTube Video Network placements (videos and channels), I would recommend the following:

1) Opt out of the Google Display Network in the Campaign Settings

2) Select preferred YouTube placements (channels or videos).

Note: Any keywords, audiences, remarketing lists, and topics that you add to a targeting group containing placements will further restrict ad serving on those placements. I hope this is helpful and please let me know if you have any additional questions!


Craig B.

Re: Combined targeting criterias in Adwords for Video campaign

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Hi Craig,

Thank you for your answer!
My campaign was indeed set to use YouTube Search, YouTube Videos, and Google Display Network. I will try opting out of the Google Display Network for the next version of this campaign, and will update this discussion with my findings.

Re: Combined targeting criterias in Adwords for Video campaign

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I can confirm that Craig's answer was the right one : once I opted out of the Google Display Network, my narrow targeting worked properly : the ads were only shown on the placements I had chosen.
Thank you Craig for your help !