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All formats are labelled restricted

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I am new to Adwords. i tried to create a campaign. It stated that its under review after some time it stated approve limited and the reason was (All formats are labelled restricted). I became confused weather my adds were approved or not. If they were approved then why it showed me to (All formats are labelled restricted ).Please help me to understand this.

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Re: All formats are labelled restricted

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Hi Sam,

Your ads have the restricted status since your products cannot be advertised on YouTube or through AdWords. Is your product/service related to medicine or alcohol in any way? It is always a good practice to get a approval from Google on a product such as yours.

Here is an article from YouTube Trueview Help that can explain things better:

I suggest you talk to a Google rep and ask them to approve your account on request to start serving ads.

Hope this helps.


Shashank Singh, AdWords Rising Star |
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