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Adwords rejecting titles

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Three attempts to get a campaign going, each time the title was rejected. Titles:


3 things about global CSR

3 things about global csr

Three things on global csr


Any idea why?


It would be useful if there was some information as to why titles were rejected. This has happened several times before - it surely shouldn't be so hard to come up with plain language titles that get accepted.

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Adwords rejecting titles

Badged Google Partner
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Badged Google Partner

Hello @Mallen B,


Ads get rejected mostly because of the following reasons.

  • Your ad mentions themes deemed inappropriate by Google. Stay away from anything having to do with adult-oriented content, gambling, counterfeit goods, dangerous products (like fireworks), and offensive content.
  • Your ad makes mention of copyrighted content. If another company has a copyright over certain words, you’ll be flagged for using them. Find a synonym to use instead.
  • You included your company’s business phone number in the ad text. Google will flag ads with the number in the actual ad text, but you can use phone extensions, which raise your Quality Scores and lower your CPCs. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.
  • Your ad claims your company is #1 or the “best in business.” Unless a third party supports your claim, these kind of statements are not allowed in the ad text. Instead, try using another complimentary tagline, like “Customers Love Us!”
  • Your ad text is too long. Remember, the headline can be 25 characters and each description line and the display URL can be 35 characters. The only exception to this rule is when the targeted country’s national language has lengthy words, like Kazakhstan and Russia. The trick is to keep ads simple and to the point.
  • Your ad contains words that are in all caps. (ex. HUGE SALE – SHOP NOW). The only exception to this rule is if you’re highlighting a promotional code. (Ex. 20% Off – Use Code: SAVE20)
  • Your ad contains “trick-to-click” text. Any ad that says “click here” in the ad text will be immediately flagged. Try using a different call to action, like “Shop Now!”
  • Your ad has too many exclamation points. Try to not get too excited over AdWords. Remember, only one exclamation point per ad is allowed. Also, no exclamation points are allowed in the headline of the ad.
  • Your root domain is different in the display URL and the destination URL. Google policies require that the root domain be the same. For example, you can’t have in the display URL and then use for the destination URL. The roots must be consistent, apples to apples – oranges to oranges.

Ad disapprovals can be very pesky and can tank an account for repeat offenders. Keep these common fixes in mind, and remember to always fix an ad disapproval when it appears.

Make sure you are not making any of these mistakes.


Syed Sayem Mustafa


Re: Adwords rejecting titles

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Hi Mallen,


Following on from the previous advice, if you hover over the speech bubble in the status column (highlighted in the screenshot) it should shed some more light onto the disapproval reason for the adverts.


Once you know the reason if you still require clarification feel free to ask away.


Hope this helps,


Adwords rejecting titles

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Thanks, I wasn't even getting that far because I was going via the YouTube 'boost video' feature, which was simply throwing up an objection with the title and therefore not creating the campaign. I've worked out that the way to get around this is to ignore the YouTube 'boost' item and go straight into adwords and do it there, since having done that in this case it's accepted one of the identical titles without complaint. Thanks for trying to help anyway.


Adwords rejecting titles

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Top Contributor

@Mallen B;

Should this  happen again, @Matthew L showed the method troubleshooting similar cases: Start by identifying the reason of the (ad) disapproval, as explained in his reply;


Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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