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Adwords effectiveness for Videos (youtube)

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Hello I have a question for fellow AdWords for Video users out there...


I recently just dropped about $80 on a new video (adwords preforms even better then when I last used it about a year ago)  Well, my question is why when I pause my campaign the videos activity almost COMPLETELY stops?!   My channel just hit 40,000 subscribers (I know that is not accurate)..


With the recent Realtime reports I can see literally everything  happening to any video. I've been watching the watchtime since it was released and have a good idea  how the channel/video's perform from outside influences like social media and self-promotion via AdWords..  So, regardless of the quality of a video's content (subjective, but usually they are great videos)   Some video's are naturally ranked higher than other, I get it...  but if I'm promoting something it should NOT just die afterwards.  A few months back I invested  $200+  in another video a saw AMAZING results! That video earns 18-20 a month now all by itself and helps in channel growth.  So..  was it just a better video?  


I guess what I'm trying to say is this. Sometimes YouTube/Google seems legit, and other times I wonder if any of it is even real at all.. I have friends that became YouTube sensations right before my eyes, and to be honest it's bugging me that literally 100's of people tell me the same thing. 


I love what you do.  


sorry if this is not ok to say these things, it's AdWords stuff but with a hint of a rant.  I don't like giving my channel out.. but would like to talk to other YouTubers like myself who are investing in their channel. MAybe they'd know something I don't?



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Re: Adwords effectiveness for Videos (youtube)

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Hey Thomas, how are things?


Those are nice things you've pointed out.


A few things that I think are very important regarding videos:


Video Ranking

The same as organic search, YouTube also has it's on SEO strategy, meaning that you can optimize your video descriptions, titles and more to try and achieve higher ranking positions. This is one very important factor that a lot of people don't know. So not only video content, but video optimization is also important. This will have direct impact on your volume, the same as organic search on Google.


Content Interest

Video campaigns usually hit users that have interest on that subject, but are not looking for that particular subject at the time they receive the video ad. This is important, because video is impacting the user on a different time. You should investigate if the amount of people that are actually LOOKING FOR the content of your video are not naturally smaller than your video users.



In addition to Content Interest, I think the idea of advertising something is to give reach to something that you normally wouldn't have. So for me this make sense to have a decrease on traffic when advertising stops, specially if you don't have your videos well ranked.


This is my view on it.


Hope this helps.



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Re: Adwords effectiveness for Videos (youtube)

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Hi Thomas
Yes sometimes these things can be frustrating, we see it a lot with clients who see correlations in when they are advertising actively with AdWords and their organic SEO rankings.
they then draw the conclusions that Google gives you better organic rankings if you are using AdWords - cue a rant Smiley Happy
We all fall to a sample and proximity bias - relying on a small sample that we are close to to draw a conclusion against the whole.
At large advertisers and agencies we see so much data that we know for sure that this kind of rant causing correlation is just that, not truly causative, not linked.
If you have friends that are YouTube stars then perhaps reaching out to them would be an ideal solution as they have used the system at scale to achieve a result.
As @leandrofm said in his post reply - focus on your content and the existing audience for your content, when you stop advertising you will normally see a drop as you are not bringing fresh eyes + the multiplier of anyone they share to, plus all content has a natural half life/degradation of interest.
Good luck

Re: Adwords effectiveness for Videos (youtube)

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Yes the quality of the content matters a great deal. Also targeting matters o the Adwords part of the audience. The better your targeting the more likely you are to receive more views as well as new subscribers and shares.

Re: Adwords effectiveness for Videos (youtube)

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Yes - Content is King