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Adwords Grants for Non-Profits

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It would be an amazing boost to the non-profit program if you allowed video adwords under the grant.

Re: Adwords Grants for Non-Profits

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Hi @Tony A


I can't agree you more. It's also true for for-commercial ads if video ads are available to run because it simply expand the audience through the biggest video streaming channel on this planet.


Personally I find AdWords for video is less competition and much cheaper keyword costs compared to the greatly increasing CPC for search campaign since 2010. A traditional campaign is way harder to win the ROI back so video has offer its corresponding alternatives. (But still the cost for video will be vary from the ad format in video and industries just like other ads)


I'm quite interesting what do you mean by "amazing boost"? Is it seen a huge impression, clicks, or conversions? Because a goal is finally what it matter and what we care about the most.


Hope we can see more details being shared and learn from each other. Smiley Very Happy