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1 campaign 1 target Ad to YouTube - 300 clicks/day

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The result: 

YouTube statistic does not match AdWords click count!!! 

Not even close to that! Not even half of AdWords count! 


No actions by users, no comments, no click on website link. Nothing. One big nothing!


Now, the text of the ad is so specific so I assume that at least 1/100 will click the link or card to my website. Nothing!


Someone is certainly fake here. I don't know who but I know that I am running on Google promotional credit so there is at least one entity in the world that can benefit from this fake. Truly can say much more than that.



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Re: 1 campaign 1 target Ad to YouTube - 300 clicks/day

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Hi Rhizome,
I'd recommend reading about the various ways that you can optimize your AdWords for video campaign here:

AdWords only provides what you ask it to provide. It's up to you to be as specific as you need to be. Google doesn't promise that the clicks/visits that it provides will perform a certain action. It's again completely up to you to make sure that you're providing something that your visitors will take action on.

It might be worth noting too that youtube visitors are not typically in the mindset of visiting another website unless the video that they're watching is short on content. You didn't give any details beyond "it didn't work" so unfortunately, I cannot elaborate further on that.

Re: 1 campaign 1 target Ad to YouTube - 300 clicks/day

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Hello Dave

Thank you for your response. I will read this doc.

Anyway the point in my post was not about conversion. It was about the fact that two tools (YouTube and AdWords) controlled by the same company (Google) provide unmatched measurements. Not even close.

For example: on 9/8/15 The Ad clicks count (Ad that point to YouTube) was 386 and YouTube views count was 107. On 10/8/15 AdWords report 282 clicks and YouTube report 80 views...

So lets assume that some of the traffic was created by robots. I assume that if YouTube knows to filter this traffic, AdWords will also be able not to count this traffic. The fact that there is such a huge deviation between the two measurements is a red light!
Certainly AdWords count traffic that was not qualified by YouTube tracking,

If traffic measurements shows such deviations then any tip that assume an authentic traffic is worthless to my opinion. I am quite sure most of the traffic counted by AdWords was created by robots. I expect AdWords to filter this kind of traffic assuming the YouTube knows how to do it!
If this not happen the result for now is stopping the campaign from running. After all I don't want to pay for nothing.