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yesterday in my add i got 30 clicks but no reasult

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i want the details of all ip address who have click my add till date as i want to block them because its waste of money.

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Re: yesterday in my add i got 30 clicks but no reasult

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Hi rajesh,

That kind of information is not available on the adowrds platform but it is available on the analytics platform.

I would highly recommend against blocking every IP that does not convert, however.

With 30 clicks, this is hardly a large enough sample to start excluding everyone. There are numerous ways to get those people back to your website as well as the fact that those people could be at an early stage in the sales funnel and thus may come looking for your product again after further research.

With regards to results, what kind of results are you looking for? are you tracking those results correctly?

It is much simpler to optimise your campaign and will be a lot more beneficial in the ling run as opposed to banning every single IP that does not convert.

If you could be more specific with campaign details we may be able to help you further.

Good Luck

Re: yesterday in my add i got 30 clicks but no reasult

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Hello Rajesh,


In addition to what has been said above, I would like to add that Google doesn't disclose any IP address information neither via AdWords nor via Google Analytics due to privacy policy issues.


You might want to get in touch with your web server guys if you need that info.


Also, before coming to any conclusion, it is important to understand the advertising platform and how it actually works. 


Did you check the Search Terms report for the clicks you received?


Whether the clicks you received came via Search or Display Network?


How long you have been optimizing your AdWords account?


You can also use this troubleshooter to troubleshoot your clicks data if you think those are invalid:


My Thoughts!