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wow. a newbie i am. Conversion Tracking...

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I set up conversion tracking und er (tools > conversions) and successfully added the code to my website.


now i dont know how to asign the code to the ad?

? how does adwords know which ad to track if i dont specify? i have multiple conversion codes. one for each ad group to be tracked. how do i differentiate between the two in the end? where do i "plug" them in other than my website?

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Re: wow. a newbie i am. Conversion Tracking...

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Welcome to Adwords community, here is what you should know about conversions and codes.

  • conversion codes are defined at account level by a unique id which in your code is value of  "var google_conversion_id"
  • You can have different conversion codes if you have different type of conversions like a conversion code which fires on lead page and another which fires on sales page
  • If you have just one thankyou page then you should have just one conversion code, you dont need diffrent conversion codes for each adgroup
  • For reporting google will show you adgroup level data even if you just one conversion code as shown in the screenshot below. Sorry i had to hide adgroup name and other columns but hope this gives you clarity. 


Regards, Nik
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Re: wow. a newbie i am. Conversion Tracking...

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Here's the thing.... Google measures a conversion when a script on a conversion page executes. and the scrip will execute whenever that page is loaded.


If you develop a conversion code for each ad group (let's say 10) - and place them ALL on a single conversion page - the thank you page, for example - then when a visitor from one particular ad gets to that page, the page will load and ALL 10 scripts will execute. The script doesn't know any better - it just knows that the pager was reached and each of the 10 sctipts reports back that "Hey! Someone just landed on the page!!" Every visitor will appear to have come from every ad group - you'll have 10 conversions... and your cost per converiosn will be a tenth of the real cost.


With a single conversion code, Google does, however, know to keep track of where that visitor came from - and will allocate that conversion back to the keyword/ad combo that drove the visit in the first place.