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with a budget of $10.00 a day, should I target one country or more?

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I'm an author and I'm advertising my amazon kindle novels to 4 targeted area; United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. I'm just testing the waters to see if how well I generate sales. My budget is just over 10 dollars a day. I've gotten close to 900 cpm-click impression views a day for the past 7 days. Should I pin point my target area to all four countries or just one or two?

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Re: with a budget of $10.00 a day, should I target one country or more

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Hi Rudolf,


Thanks for posting on our Community forum. You asked a question about targeting one country or another with your ads? The answer really depends on whom your target audience are for your kindle novels. I'll give you a general suggestion with the information you've already provided. 


Firstly, instead of having one ad targeting the 4 countries in question (United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia), I would recommend creating a separate Campaign or ad group for each of your kindle novels especially if they are different genres. 


Secondly, in each Campaign or ad group I would then use location targeting to add the 4 countries. One of the great advantages of AdWords location targeting is it allows you more control on where your ads appear in the geographic locations. You can expand or limit your geo target as you choose.

If your not familiar with location targeting, you can learn more about it on this link from our Help Center:


Lastly if you go with my suggestion, the advantage is you can now change/adjust each campaign based upon how well they are performing in terms of impressions or clicks (whichever is your priority). 

Re: with a budget of $10.00 a day, should I target one country or more

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Good morning.


Further to John Paul's great advice, I would add that you asked which country you should continue to target. My answer to that would be that you should target the country or countries where sales of your book justify the cost of the advertising.


For most of us, advertising is about ROI--Return on Investment. After advertising for only a week you may not have much data to work with, but keep an eye on your sales and use that data to help you decide when and where you should be advertising in the future.


Good luck!

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Re: with a budget of $10.00 a day, should I target one country or more

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Hi Rudolph, further (still) to the great advice from John and Theresa, I'd recommend reducing your sights even more.


As Theresa has mentioned, successful advertising is all about measuring a positive return and with a limited budget and a tricky product (which eBooks are) it's vital that you spend your $ in the best possible places and the best possible searches.


You may find my blog post on the subject of ebooks useful:



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