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will Youtube be referral domain?

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If I target the display-network and my text ad is shown in a video which is hosted by Youtube but streamed and shown at a different domain. Which will be the referral domain (placement) for this: Youtube or the other domain?

Re: will Youtube be referral domain?

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Hi David_Precisera


I think you are using Broad reach : Show ads on pages that match my primary targeting method in display network so your ad showing on other domain too.

Here is very simple solution of your problem.... just follow these... 


1. Go on your campaign click edit button  ---> click on networks ---> select Display network > select Specific reach: Show ads only on pages that match all my targeting methods > save.

2. Go on Tools and analysis ---> click on Placement tool put in the place of Website --->search.


3. you got a list there select videos on which you want to show your ad » PyvYTWatch » PyvWatchNoAdX » afv_user_id » Entertainment 300x250,Middle right » Music 300x250,Middle right » pyv-top-right-homepage-us » pyv-top-right-homepage » Individual Video Partnership Converted to YPP » Individual Video Partnership » People&Blogs 300x250,Middle right » Comedy 300x250,Middle right
4. Click add to my account ---> click my placement ideas ---> select the campaign and ad group --->save and continue.
Hope that these information will help you....

Re: will Youtube be referral domain?

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I don´t think that answers my question, namely: if the ad is shown in a Youtube video which is streamed to another website, which will be the referral - Youtube?
My guess is that the referral will be ID-number of the Youtube-video.
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Re: will Youtube be referral domain?

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For example, a you tube video hosted on huffington post showing an in video adwords ad, when clicked on, should appear in the placement reports as a click from Huff post, not you tube. If your ad is clicked on when someone is watching that you tube video on you tube, then you tube would report as the placement which generated the click.


The placement which the ad was shown on is the referral source.