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what is the referral from adwords search?

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hi all,


i would like to know what is the current referrer adwords is sending if someone clicks on an ad on the search page (not GDN)

and also the referral from google search partners.

i mean the referral on the browser, not on analytics.


for example if a user on is searching flowers:

will adwords send me a referral of

or something else, like

i'm searching for a solution for a long time and can't find a final answer, i saw this though:

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Re: what is the referral from adwords search?

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Hi There,


Welcome to AdWords Community.


The blog you shared answers your query very precisely. It talks what all possible referers an AdWords can have. But, there's simple way to find the referer using Google Chrome. I will describe the process for you -


  1. Once you click an ad and you land on the website, open Chrome's Developer Tools,
  2. Go to the Network view
  3. Reload the page
  4. Now click on the main page request. Main page means the URL of the website your are on. It should be at the top in the list.
  5. When you click, you will get to see HTML codes in the right panel, look at the top
  6. You will find options like headers, preview, response etc.
  7. Click Headers and scroll down to find the Referer Information.

Yes, there you go!


Ratan Jha

Re: what is the referral from adwords search?

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thanks Ratan,
I was asking in general what is the domain adwords is referring from.
the solution you propose is per ad, i need to click an ad an check the headers.
isn't there a fixed structure of the referrer domain? (i don't care for all the utm params).

Re: what is the referral from adwords search?

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Re: what is the referral from adwords search?

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