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what is meant by phone calls column in adwords reporting

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Hi community,


In AdWords modify columns phone calls option is there? what is meant by phone calls column in google Adwords reporting?. Also, I got 13 clicks from call only ads is there any relation between phone calls column and call-only ads. how to track call-only ads. Because in India (Call-only-Ads) google forwarding number is not available.



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September 2015

Re: what is meant by phone calls column in adwords reporting

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Hi Venkatesh,

Phone calls column shows the number of valid calls received as a result of users clicking on a phone number or manually dialing the Google forwarding phone number displayed in an ad shown on any device.

Phone calls are counted when calls to your custom Google forwarding phone number are received, either through a call button or through manual dialing.

Now, understand a difference between Mobile-Clicks-to-Call (you can see it by segmenting the data by Click Type) and Phone Calls. A click-to-call is reported as soon as the customer clicks on your Ad (your phone number in case of call only ad as that is the heading), whereas a Phone Call is recorded when the customer clicks on your ad and then clicks on your phone number displayed on the screen (this is a 2 steps process)".

Data under Phone Calls will show/get recorded only if you are using a Google Forwarding Number either in your Call Extension or in Call Only Ads.

To identify/filter out Call Only Ads, go to Ads Tab and then click on Columns > Modify Columns > Attributes > and select Ad Type or Campaign Sub Type.

You can create Call Only Ads for India market but Google Forwarding Number is not available for India market. You can use your local number instead. In this case you won't be able to see the data under Phone Calls column.