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what is a good CTR for search network?

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What is a good click through rate for search network?

My site advertises with the key words

"workcover nsw" has a CTR of 2.68% with a low bid of 25 cents on an estimated first page of 98 cents and a quality score of 2/10 the key word is not relevant to add or content!

"electrical testing and tagging" has CTR of 0.93% on a bid of $1.74 on an estimated first page of $1.68 and a quality score of 6/10 the key word is relevant to add or content!

All clients know what they want and only require contact details




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September 2015

Re: what is a good CTR for search network?

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Hi Ian,

CTR can vary pretty widely by industry. I would say 2.68% would be about average, usually, but I'm not sure when it comes to your industry specifically. .68% is low.

You should probably take a look at your CTA and value proposition. Even though your ad is considered relevant by Google, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is appealing to searchers. This is especially true since you are in low position. It might be worth running an experiment to see if boosting position generates enough leads/sales to be worth the extra cost.

I noticed that your conversion rate is much higher for the higher QS keyword, though. That's where you really see the relevance coming through. High CTR is important but the real importance is getting the RIGHT clicks and then being able to convert them. On the flip side of that, since your keywords are broad match, there may be some negatives you could add to better qualify traffic and improve your CTR.

Hope this helps!