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unable to view new campaign

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I have one adwords campaign showing up in Google Analytics but another one is not.  I've gone through all the set ups over and over to no avail.


I need help.

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September 2015

Re: unable to view new campaign

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Google Employee

Hi sphcs,


If you're seeing one AdWords campaign show up in your Analytics account, that most likely means that the two accounts are linked. To double check this, I would suggest checking out this link:


Additionally, are you manually tagging your links or using AdWords auto-tagging? This is important for a few reasons. First, because some website domains do not accept extra parameters, meaning that the auto-tagging parameter can be stripped from your URL and then Analytics cannot track that those visits are coming from AdWords. You can test this by typing your ad destination URL into your browser and adding a ?gclid=Test123 to the end and then hitting Enter. If the parameter (?gclid=Test123) is not still attached to the end of your URL after the page loads, it is being stripped. You can read more about this here:


Second, if you are using auto-tagging and your website has any redirects, that auto-tagging parameter (again, the gclid parameter) may be lost in the redirection and thus no AdWords visits will be tracked.


If either of these instances holds true for the campaign that is not appearing in Analytics, I would suggest turning off auto-tagging (an account-level setting), and then manually tagging all of your ad destination URLs.


I hope that helps!





Re: unable to view new campaign

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I figured out my problem with help from a call to google adwords. First off, thanks you guys, sometimes I am very impatient when stuff's not going right and you're always pros on the phone.


My error was leaving off a trailing / at the end of my destination URL. so for example i had all the ads in the non-working campaign going to when i needed it to go to


why does that matter?  because our website is configured to resolve all urls to end in / So...the gclid id was getting stripped out in the redirect.


I simply edited all the adds in my campaign to include the trailing / and everything works.


thank you Google and the Google Adsense Team.