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tracking template and third-party tracking

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i have a question and i hope you can answer me


in Adwords , if i want track a keywords conversion for any keywords that converted at my site ( my site is a landing page having CPA offer let say from CPAgrip ) how can i track that through tracking template of adwords ?


so it will be like that


Adwords --> click my LP link ----> click my CPA offer ---> converted offer


How can i track the last stage : converted keywords?


thanks a lot in advance

tracking template and third-party tracking

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Hi @wamema s


Does it convert when they click on the link on your site or does that click take them to a third party site where they have to finish the conversion?


If the first, and the click keeps them on your site, then you place the Adwords conversion tag on the next page and it will show in your Adwords reports.


If they get sent to a third party site to convert, will the site let you place the conversion tag on their site?


If not, the only thing you can do is track outbound clicks on that link. In this case I would use Google Tag Manager to trigger the Adwords conversion code when the link is clicked. It will show as a conversion in Adwords, associated with the keyword.


Hope that helps.