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tag does not send a value

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Hi all,


I have a question about the tracking tag. when I setup the tracking code, there is an option to ask you about if you want to send 1, if there is no value. If all my product have values and the tracking code has been placed correctly. In what circurstance, Google still will send 1 to your total value. Because sometimes I do see 1 contributing to totally value, but just can't quite figure out why as all my products assigned to different value. 

Thanks all in advance!


Re: tag does not send a value

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Hi Lucas C


When you use Conversion Tracking, you can assign the same value to all conversion actions of a certain type (static values) or let a conversion action have different values (transaction-specific).

For each conversion action, you have three options for setting up or editing the conversion value:
Each conversion has the same value: If you choose this setting, whatever value you choose during setup will be used, regardless of any transaction-specific values your conversion tag might send.

Each conversion could have a different value: If you pick this setting, you'll need to edit the tag to send transaction-specific values. You'll also need to choose a default value that can be used in case your tag has technical issues and fails to send a value.
Don't assign a value: The conversion value will be 0, regardless of the value sent by the tag.


Check out the link,hope it will help:



Aritra Mukherjee

Re: tag does not send a value

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Hi Aritra,

Thanks for your response. I did choose Each conversion could have a different value, because we have different values for our all products. But, sometimes I still receive 1 for the conversion value which is confuse me. I guess my question is why I am getting value 1, instead of the actual value since all my products have values on them. Does that come from mobile call? But I did setup forwarding number to get phone call conversions report.

Not sure if my question makes sense to you.

Thank you!



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Re: tag does not send a value

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Hi Lucas


I would highly suggest that you ask your developer to check the conversion tag for all the products that are returning the value 1.
Check the link :
and click the sections for detailed instructions on modifying the conversion tag to support transaction-specific values for specific technologies used to generate your webpages.


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