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search term data thresholds

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it's been discussed before in the past, but my hope is time has shown progress on this one:


my latest ad group targets a MBM keyword with two terms '+A +B'

it's been running for a 2 weeks now,

when i go to
campaigns - my latest ad group - keywords - details - search terms - all
period last 30 days

now the report shows only very little search terms (2), with a total of 50 impressions, 3 clicks, whereas i have over 1000 impressions in total for the keyword.


Why isn't adwords showing the search terms for which my ads generated impressions (even if they did not recieve clicks) *?

Does anyone knwo about the thresholds for search terms to show up in the report? Does Google communicate about these thresholds? If not, can we somehow encourage them to do so?

* i have seen search terms with zero clicks show up in search term reports for other campaings

thanks again all !

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Re: search term data thresholds

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Hi Nils,

Are you looking at a small date range? Can you give me an idea of the date range you are looking at.

It is pretty common to see a large percentage of your search term report fall under "other search terms" which is a total drag, especially when you look at the CTR of your other search terms bucket and it is dismal.

I am unaware of a certain threshold that Google uses to decide when to display search terms but I do know they when there is little volume or something that could be personally identifiable they will withhold the info.

My suggestion is to make use of the Keyword Planner to figure out these 'other search terms'. If you plug those BMM keywords into the keyword planner you will get lots of suggestions from Google and many of these suggestions IMO are search terms you may expect your ads to be served for. Use the KWPlanner to collect the irrelevant keywords and add them as negatives. Check back after a week or two and see of your other search terms CTR is improving. Make sure to pay attention to match types when it comes to negatives because you may want to add them as exact or phrase match vs only broad.

Hope that helps and please know you are not the only one who pulls their hair out over this issue with search terms reports.

Smiley Happy Kim

Kim Clink, AdWords Top Contributor | Community Profile | Twitter | Clink Digital Marketing
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Re: search term data thresholds

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@Nils R;

Not sure if that was your intent when asking about "threshold":... But keep in mind, that the Search Terms Report shows only search terms (matched to keywords), triggered the ad, and received clicks, or there was  a significant  volume for  the search term. This is how Google designed this report.


Read more:

Understanding the Search terms report

Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: search term data thresholds

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thanks for the help and support Kim,

adding negatives based on keyword planner data is a valuable tip !

Re: search term data thresholds

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yep, thanks, i know. I was just hoping we would know more about the exact numbers by now.

thanks for your contribution though!