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"Tracking template" so i can change static URL variables later?

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I want viewers to be directed towards my site: upon initial click. No redirect or 3rd party tracker being used.


"12345" will be a static number i put in with each ad.


What would my "tracking template" be?


Would it be just: "" ?


If so, then how do I handle the custom variables...

As indicated, i would like to make my URL be:

However is there a way to set it up where I can change the variables "12345" to something different on a particular ad variation in the future without having to reset my ad stats for that ad?

Your help is much appreciated!

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Re: "Tracking template" so i can change static URL variables

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Hi There!

So from what I understand your final URL would be,

Cid would be a custom parameter you set at the ad level (so for one ad its 1234, for another its 1235),

And the tracking template would be {lpurl}?cid={_cid}.

In terms of review, if you use either the Automated upgrade (where you click Edit> Upgrade URL) or use Bulksheets method; a review will not be triggered. These methods are outlined in this resource:

A review will be triggered however if you add parameters regularly.

I hope this resolves your query!